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The Dogwood Fellowship, which has members in the Metro Vancouver Area, British Columbia, was formed on June 19th 2001. It is an active fellowship, and its membership has varied from 3 to 10 people.

At the moment, we have 7 professed members and 2 inquirers. Our meeting schedule can be found here.

We schedule and organise one annual quiet Retreat and we all participate in the annual Western Convocation. Last year the Convocation was held from August 8th to 10th here in B.C. Convocations are also held in Washington and California, and organised by the fellowships located in those areas. Next year's Convocation will be in Washington State.

We are always happy to talk to inquirers who would like more information about Religious life and especially about the Third Order and living life as a Franciscan in our families and at work and in our own communities.

If this interests you, please contact us for further information.

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