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Welcome to the TSSF Dogwood site. The Dogwood Fellowship is part of the province of the Americas of the Anglican (Episcopalian) Third Order of the Society of St. Francis (TSSF). Members of the society are known as Tertiaries, from tertius, the Latin word for three.

The Third Order was originally formed by St. Francis of Assisi in about 1221, under the name of the Brothers and Sisters of Penance. He devised it as a sort of middle state between a monastic community and the ordinary Christian life for those who, wishing to follow in his footsteps, could not become Friars or Poor Clares because they were married, or had business interests or other responsibilities they could not lay down. Ordinary people, business leaders, clergy (up to and including archbishops) and royalty have all been Tertiaries.

In addition to the Franciscan groups in the Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican Communion, there are also Ecumenical Franciscans. For website details, please see our links page.

A reflection on the Western Convocation 2008, which was hosted by the Dogwood Fellowship, can be found on pages 16-19 of the Winter 2009 issue of The Franciscan Times. Details of the next Convocation will be posted here when available.

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