We are a community of Third Order Franciscans living around Metro Vancouver, Canada.

st-francis-1758485_640Francis of Assisi is one of the most cherished saints in the history of the church. But he lived and died eight centuries ago. What is so attractive about his way that people still want to follow it? Francis had a genius for seeing the face of Christ in everyone he met: bishop or leper, Christian or Muslim, friend or stranger. Francis faced some of the biggest questions of his day: How to respond to the growing gap between rich and poor? How to make peace between enemies? What is our relationship to the world God made? Where is God when we suffer? Because these are also the questions of our own day, Francis has much to say to us.

The Third Order aims are:

  • To make our Lord known and loved everywhere.

    By word and example, Third Order Franciscans witness to Christ in their daily lives. By prayer and sacrifice, we help forward God’s work wherever He has called us.

  • To spread the spirit of love and harmony.

    By working happily with people of different race, color, creed, education and opportunity, Third Order Franciscans seek to break down the divisions in the world. We try to live in the spirit of the St. Francis prayer: “Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.”

  • To live simply.

    Acknowledging that everything belongs to God, we seek to use His gifts wisely and to be good stewards of this fragile earth, never destroying or wasting what God has made. We provide the things necessary for ourselves and our families without demanding luxuries. We seek never to forget the needs of others.

To find out more see our Meetings page to find out where and when we are next meeting and come join us!